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Besides the fact that I'm definitely figuring out how little short shorts are still fitting this body but also trying to figure out my colorful, wild, silly little life. Whoa, talk about subject diversion. 

So I'm basically thinking about all the things. All the FREAKING things. My head is going to explode, sort of like that photo at the top with my hair swirling all around. There is so much going on in all aspects of my life that I'm not really sure where one part starts and another part ends; I'm all over the place these days, not able to focus or understand most anything that's happening. It's really f*cking frustrating and mostly just want to lay in bed until I can figure out what my brain is trying to compute.

So, this outfit has nothing to do with this current blurb. #TYPICAL

More to come, I'm sure you've guessed.


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Photos by Sabrina Noel Hill