And sometimes you just begin again...
After a short recess, I'm back to play, and here's the many reasons why:


Talk about drained - I've been at a complete loss for words. After being at this for five years, you have to figure, what's next? What is the purpose? What are you, the reader, even here for? Every time I've opened up a new draft, I've stared at the blank document with the caret just blinking at me, ready to type and no words come out... alluding to the next point...


I've been sitting on MONTHS of content. It's just sitting there, on a hard drive, ready to be edited/put up. But there hasn't been a want/a need to put it up; still not even sure I want it to go up at this point. For a long while, I struggled with my voice. What could I honestly have to say that could be inspiring or exciting? I came up with blank sheets. 


It's been about four months of utter awareness, in all aspects of my life: in work, in relationships, in friendships and within my own self. Thank god for balance, otherwise I'm not sure how I would of gotten through the many weeks of overwhelmingness. 


I haven't been able to create any new content, simply because I haven't had time to think or execute. I know, it sounds like an excuse but life has just been so overwhelming and exhausting. And I'm not back 100% either. But I know that this blog started because a release was needed. And so, release I'll shall.  

As always, I love you little f*ckers. I do. Thank you, for just f*cking being here, reading this sh*t and never giving up on my dreams. SO AWESOME!