Something all basic + non-basic bi*ches have in their wardrobe is (or should be) a simple tee, black or white or both or sometimes heather grey, whatever your little effervescent heart desires.

So what did I decide to do for the basic + non-basic bi*ches? Nine ways to wear it obviously. God, I'm so smart.

                                                                               CLICK TO ENLARGE

School Girl Remixed - Vintage Plaid || Basic Bish Chucks || Baby Short Shorts || Headscarf Game

IDGAF About This Gallery I Run but Really I Do - Wide Leg Jeans || Floral Kimono || Long Blazer

Condom Run - Sequin Shorts || Bad Ass Wedges || Cropped Cargo Jacket

School Sesh, Pronto (wink face) - F*ck Me Pumps || Scuba Skirt (donde esta Steve)

Bad Ass Little Bish - The Only Leather Jacket You'll Need || I Tried Hard Denim || 2Chainz Versace Necklace

God Made Me Perfect Today - Awesome Rad Kewl Pencil Skirt 

Date Efforts - Rose Kimono || The Only Denim You'll Ever Need To Buy Again

IDGAF Period - Fringe Light Denim Jacket || AA Bathing Suit Bottoms || Striped Wedges

Spanx Matter - Spanx (Faux) || Feet, my own

Most importantly, support my bb. He lost his mama to diabetes + I'd really appreciate you donating. Love your silly faces for it.

Also FYI, there's a video coming this week. So prepare your soul. You should probably buy all these things just so you can be prepared to learn. So. 

Photos by: Ian Maxion