Hey, I'm Christina
Hey, I'm Christina
Connecting communities and their stories

build stories WITH pURPOSE.

My mission in life is to help businesses connect with their purpose and communicate it to a hyper-focused audience. I'm a storyteller by nature, with human connection in the forefront.
Stories are meant to invite, encourage, hit home. I'll help you build one, each page at a time.




i've been in the digital space since I launched my first official blog in 2007. I won't count my first website on Homestead.com at 10 years old, let's not get crazy. I've been obsessed with the internet and everything it has to offer; connecting with friends across seas, shopping your favorite things and receiving it stoop front next-day, writing letters to the world, finding connections in love and in life. The internet is a magical place that I'm very lucky to work in.

My professional background in digital started in working for a blogger conference starting in 2009. I had my first taste of NYC and ended up moving there after running a french boutique for two years (almost bought the place which began my obsession with entrepreneurialism, and the launch of my 1st official business, decades past), and had my first job in an agency, working with all genres of clients from food, to fashion to hospitality. I was their first social media manager, and I loved every second of it. I was the only one on the team who spoke "twitter" and drove storytelling for major brands like Lacoste and bebe. I even produced my first film project with lacoste and bebe; planned, prepped, hired, designed and produced the entire thing... soup to nuts if you will. That's when I knew I was a born storyteller. I left behind the four plus jobs I had in NYC and took this new capability to los angeles.

i hustled my way to the top as director of marketing + communications at a start-up that helped build the foundation of skills I use today. I learned how to make money online through digital advertising, how to niche a marketplace and tell different stories under three sub-brands and inevitably built a digital and IRL beauty empire. we had five festivals all over the world, a subscription service and a growing online presence. and then i knew, i was ready to cultivate my own experiences through everything i had gained since launching my first wordpress in 2007. 

i now focus on two things; helping businesses reach more eyeballs, converting more dollars and engaging with purpose. i also own a company, JIG+SAW, that specifically helps women launch businesses of their dreams. 

I really, really look forward to meeting you, chatting with you and learning how i can support you. 

let's do this, shall we?


client services

let's talk strategy. From brand strategy to customer acquisition tactics, i build your marketing plan from scratch to build connection to your audience and convert them into loyalists.

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my main objective is to work with you, to build the brand of your dreams. I help take your vision from your mind to paper, and flesh out how we'll create success for your future. 

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my company

JIG+Saw provides women the resources and tools they need to build a business they're proud of. JIg+saw was built as an answer to the lack of collaboration and community in my personal life. on a daily basis, our mission is to make sure every woman feels supported and lifted up to do what they are meant to do in this world. Our mentality is simple; provide the resources we need, not the bullsh*t we don't. 

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