The duo behind Nina Sky represent two style architypes; the "New York City Girl" and the menswear inspired "boy meets girl" look. In honor of ORGNL TV, Stoli asked me to share my music and fashion inspirations.

Music has always moved me- shaped my childhood, who I'd become and who I'd make friends with. Raised in a highly influential hip-hop and jazz household, music was the soul of our family. My step-mom would sing me to sleep with the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald, Barbara Morrison & Billie Holiday. She sang to my father at their wedding. My mom, brother and I would clean the house, dancing around to Janet Jackson. And as I grew up, music influenced my expression. I was influenced by our surrounding hip-hop neighborhoods- music flowed through our environment and I loved translating that into my wardrobe. I also went through a Billie Holiday phase- retro hair and big flowers in my hair. The curves of a woman, I loved translating her style into my own. There's a soul in music like there's a soul in style. We all create to inspire and curate a moment in our time.

When I first moved to New York, I attended an amazing event hosted by the handsome men of Street Etiquette. Only meeting them a few times, I already knew I was in for a treat. What I didn't realize was what I'd feel. Here's an excerpt from the post I did after the event, back in 2011.

"There is something about artists who thrive off energies of their counterparts or a crowd being moved by the effervescent flow of verbiage. I couldn’t tell you exactly what I felt that night because I think every emotion was touched. The most important thing that evening was really realizing why I moved here. I moved here to be stimulated beyond recognition. I may not know the reasons of why things happen or what is to come. Yet, being surrounded by people, artists if you will, who may not know what will happen or what is to come, who can be so passionate beyond imaginations, is more than inspiring. It’s New York City."

We're artists. We're here to change, to inspire, to motivate and persevere.

Be inspired to influence.

(Video I created above, from Sartorial Sounds with images below)

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