You know that moment when you fall in love, nothing else matters?

Yeah, me either. But lust grew enormously when these shoes were placed in front my eyes, proclaiming they were so "Profresh". Oh, Tanya, you are so right, oh. so. right. The best thing besides the S&M lace-ups is the fact I'm 6'5" or something dramatic like that. Nope, no men in sight. Whatevs. I've got my shoes to keep me warm.

Did I fail to mention my ode to 90's hair? I mean, c'mon guys, rocking the uber tight, high braid pony was so legit back in 1995. And guess who's bringing it back? ANNDDD guess who's not following. C'mon, I'm a trendsetter. [not true]

This is just color porn.


Zara linen tee & ombre pants [love the lime green ones here] | Gem watch c/o Toywatch | Forever 21 bib necklace [citron bibs are hotter than pink you know] | tribal lace-up wedges c/o ShoeMint [side note: they are selling out QUICK]

Oh hey, P.S. I finally found time to access my wardrobe, aka, clean my closet and found a MUCH cuter look for these shoes! Alas, you'll be seeing these pants, these shoes and something special to cover my puberty success in a post next week. Oh, yes you wait ShoeMint + others who care to see me outdo myself.