Do these photos look familiar? If so, congrats! That means you've been following me along through my struggles of ill-fitting shorts and blonde/orange hair! YOU WIN...


Next Wednesday night, a few awesome NYC bloggers and I are hosting Poshmark's first ever East Coast live Posh Party. What's Poshmark you say? It's a community of fashion fun folk like yourselves across the country who meet on the Poshmark app (currently only available on the iPhone) to sell your clothes and accessories. That's where buying my wardrobe comes in. I'll be selling my clothes I've worn on the blog, plus some. Some awesome folks, hopefully you, who I'll steal back from later. Just kidding, you'll buy it and love it just like I did.

Here's the deets for the Live Poshparty in New York City!

I want you all to come just so I can chitchat with you, take fun pictures and play with your hair, obviously.

So come! Let's play and hang with your other blogger favorites. I heard Laura has a pretty mean wardrobe you're going to want to snatch up and Bonnie has the most adorable closet ever so just imagine what you'll have the potential to buy. Christine owns some pretty rad accessories-pray you get your hands on some and Jessie is just the sweetest you ever did meet with the sauciest wardrobe. And Caroline walked the runway with me for IFB so you already know her style and spunk will be alive and well at this party. We're a rad rad bunch so let's drink, shop and get silly!

Don't forget to RSVP at rsvp@poshmark.com by April 23rd! Be there and be square! Yup, brought that back.

If you can't make it, party with us virtually! Just download the Poshmark app on your iPhone! All my clothes as well as the other bloggers' clothing will be available on the app to purchase! YAY!