The sunshine two weekends ago gave me the urge to break out leather and put spikes on my forehead- clearly that's practical in 75 degree weather and stark sunshine.

Let's give it up for this Forever 21 necklace turned headpiece. I've used it for a bracelet, a necklace (Captain Obvious), a headpiece, a closure for a blazer, a backpiece and I'm sure I'll find other useful ways to utilize this $13 charm- like nunchuks, for preschoolers.

Wilfred Silk Blouse [I really like this similar style, cooler for summer!] | A Moveable Feast leather vest | Forever 21 tie-dye skirt [Not tie-dye, but damn cute] | ombre sunnies c/o Juicy Couture | Forever 21 spike necklace, worn as a headpiece [similar style at ASOS, more badass than mine] | Nasty Gal boots | the usual jewelry suspects