This is officially MY FAVORITE DRESS. Hands down, nothing tops this short, little, fancy-filled number.

I got this at, of course, Clothes Contact. I mean honestly: tacky, short, collared, bright and girly. Wrap it up in a box and stamp it with Profresh- I'm all over this bad boy. I pared it down with this awesome new vest from A Moveable Feast I got at Aritzia. The leather is so soft and I'm obsessed with the back. It's feminine yet bad-ass. Typical me.

So, I'm going to change my hair...again. I'm keeping the ombre' but I'm adding to it. It's going to be beyond amazing! So stayed tuned for all that! Also, what's up guys?! What happened to you all wanted to do Q&A? ;) No questions ay? I guess it doesn't really help that I'm already a freakin' open book.

vintage 70's mini dress | AMF leather vest | Aldo velvet platforms | vintage ralph lauren belt

I can't get enough of Lydia. This woman is one talented lady and the fact that she'll be my P.I.C in N.Y.C makes my life. See you there girl!

Photography by Lydia Hudgens