Okay, so I'm sure you can tell. What? You can't?

Yes, these are NOT the infamous Lydia Hudgens photos but hey, you've got to give me credit for being consistent! Can I get a yeahh yeahh AMEN!? Finally, homegirl is back in action and with a video no less! These wonderful little images and video are all courtesy of my early birthday present! Drumroll por favor- The Canon G12! Yeah, mama is psyched out of her brain hole.

Can I just talk about how much I love this new thrifted blouse I found? I mean, really... this piece makes me feel all prepster and saucy and full of 'tude, if you catch my drift. By the way, although I gotzzz the tatas for your mama, I really love buttoning up all my button-ups. I can't get enough of how demurely sexy it is to be all "suited up", if you will. I love to add pins, bow ties, bolos, anything at the neck to accentuate the collar. It's my obsession since I bought all those American Apparel sheer blouses. I heart you Paul Revere. Wait, what?

thrifted blouse | vintage key pin | H&M shorts | Seychelles boots | MAC lipstick in M.A.C. Red

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