Although I'm purely obsessed with this silk kimono I got at Aritzia, I can't get enough of my new thrifted finds. Honestly, color explosion all over my bod-ayyy.

Did anyone notice I've got a lovely lavender/grey streak in my hair courtesy of the always-fresh salon, Barberella in Berkeley? Yes, it's truly amazing and I want more. Pronto, pronto.

Oh a side note, I met the product developer of T.Babaton for Aritzia in Vancouver and needless to say, that woman is the shit. Hey Jen, hey! Work it sista, your the dopest one there!

P.S. This was a cool "fan-guy" who wanted to pose in my photos. Hey cool guy, thumbs up bro!

T.Babaton silk kimono | thrifted cobalt blue blouse | thrifted shorts | Aldo platforms | Forever 21 sunnies

Photography by Lydia Hudgens


Alright cool kids, I decided! I think it's time I did a Q & A, considering the blog is going on it's 3rd year. Soooo, ask me anything. No question is too weird/strange/awkward/inappropriate/out of line/out of question. I'm an open door so swing-batta-batta-swwwaanng! Seriously though, ask away, I'm excited to see what you guys come up with. I'll be keeping tabs with your comments below, twitter and Facebook so hit up any of those! Hmmm, maybe for the best question that gave me a giggle will win an awesome prize! Oh, and it will be a VIDEO! OOHHH YEAH.