As you saw in my last post, I scored majorly at Clothes Contact, in the Mission in San Francisco, with amazing vintage finds. I mean, buying clothes by the pound?! You can't get any better than that! Well, maybe if I could just walk out with the entire stock for free...

I met up with the amazingly talented Lydia Hudgens, SF-based photographer who did an impressive job shooting me around the Metreon. She was so much fun to work with and the best part? Homegirl is moving to NEW YORK in August. I think I found my official photographer for the blog! What do you think guys? She's pretty much the shit, right?

vintage 60's lace robe | thrifted silk shorts | thrifted sweater | GUESS slingbacks | ankh cross | random jewelry | Forever 21 sunnies

Photography by Lydia Hudgens