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 Hat may 012

vintage YSL blazer | H&M racer-back long dress ("altered" short) | Berkshire nude fishnets | Jeffrey Campbell x LF cage wedges | Olive Branch straw boater hat | the usual bracelets & rings | vintage leopard scarf | Betsey Johnson sunnies | Felina lace demi bra

Hat may 025

Hat may 036

Hat may 039

There is something about this rose garden that is so magical. When the sun sets, it just illuminates the bushes & roses just so-hence the magical part.  Yet, I must remind myself to pop an allergy pill to avoid such sneezing fits as this day...and every other day.

That dress is the long dress at H&M that many people were coveting ever since Caylee tweeted about it when it came into her store location. Lucky for me, I found the last one stuffed between a mass of clothes at my local H&M when I went browsing a month ago. As much as I love my long dresses, I always mess around with length and twisting and such. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see my safety pin. :) I twisted the middle of the skirt at the bottom and pulled it to the side to create an asymmetrical hem & made it shorter. I pinned it to my bra seam so it wouldn't pull on the actual fabric of the dress. I did it to my LF long dress in October last year. That dress is thicker however, so the look achieved was a bit different than the one now.

I still haven't found a photographer yet but luckily I've got good friends who are willing to step in (thanks lex!). But I really feel like my self-timer shots don't compare to the shots I can get when someone else takes them. I believe in settings- although I'm sure this could be argued across the board. The place where I want to take pictures somehow resemble editorial shots which is why I favor a photog.

So, I've got a few things in the works-a few videos I'm working on, a couple collabs and some awesome news. I also was invited to the Marshalls-TJ Maxx Behind the Seams event which I'll be posting about this week so stay tuned for that.


Hat may 043 

Hat may 065

Hat may 044

Hat may 001

what I wore to the event-obvi minus the hat since the hat is what I got there ;) For those who follow me on Twitter know that I called my look a split between a 60's stewardess & a hooker. yesss. 


lookie what's coming in the mail for me. yes, i am so excited.