stuffed animal coat

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faux fur coat from grandpa | Me Too boots | Zara blouse | Forever 21 shorts | Target zig zag tights | vintage necklaces | Forever 21 bib necklace | vintage scarf | Betsey Johnson watch bracelet | random bracelet and rings | Betsey Johnson belt

Today was crazy busy, all day! Luckily I was totally obsessed with my outfit that the day went quite well for me. I swear, my grandpa has such good taste. Got to love his efforts. Many of my clients couldn't stop talking about my "stuffed animal" coat. I cause lots of talk in this little area I work in. One person who works next door even told me I stick out too much walking on the street where I work. |side glance|

Got some very unfortunate news today; I'm not able to attend NYFW because my boss will be in Paris and there's no one capable of covering that week. SO sad, but I've planned on going for Spring so it will work out great. All the bay area bloggers are going together so it's nice to go with people you know and are comfortable around. Plus, it's so much cheaper.

Even bigger news...well, that might just have to wait. ;)