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  urban outfitters tulip skirt | H&M l/s tunic | Felina garters | DKNY stockings | H&M scarf | Express leather jacket | random cross | some random horrible boots I've had for two years yet refuse to give up

The 7th was our anniversary, took it real easy, no stress. Saw Nine; horrible movie. H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E. Period. My outfit was fairly comfortable since we were doing the public transportation trip which is amazing. I'm obsessed with it. I don't know why but it's so much easier than driving and trying to find parking, worrying about getting tickets and stressing about traffic. Love it. Although I do get the stares on the bus, who cares. I'm used to it by now. Hey, I'm unusual, I'm wearing garters, OUTSIDE, I know, relax. lol. I even worn my hair done which is a rare, rare occurrence considering I HATE MY HAIR...down.  I'll hopefully be getting my hair cut soon so this will all change...although the reason for my hair being one length is I'm growing it out. I don't want any layers because then cutting causes me to lose length, long story, blah, blah. Ultimately I'll have my hairstyle I've been wanting in about a year so look forward to many posts with the bun. :)

The theatre we were in was gorgeous. I mean, so stunning. It had to of been built in the 40's. The architecture and interiors had the 40's feel. Unfortunately the staff wasn't well-trained on the knowledge of the building. They all just said, "Uhh, it's really really old." Wow, thanks. That's the reason for my LOD pictures inside the theatre. I was trying to capture this beautiful screening room but unfortunately my BF hasn't captured the ways of taking photos yet. He will sooner than later. ;)

Anyways, lots coming up in the next few months. So excited for 2010! Thanks again everyone for all your sweet and VERY INFORMATIVE comments. It's so good to hear from the people who read my blog. ANDDD, thanks for the additional bloglovin' followers, all 10 of you, :) Now let's get that number up!!


p.s. I'm considering this for a tattoo except I have a baby-sized phrase I want in the middle. Like, real, real small. You'd only be able to read it if your really close up, like damn near against my back. Any thoughts?

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