surge of inspiration

Fall inspiration board 2009

+pastels in accessory form +real life bikers (there weren't any pictures I liked on any sites BUT there is a look I love about these old men) +Chanel Spring 2010 +cupcakes +boots with tights +pastels with pops of pastel color +knee-highs/thigh-highs +unique style in forms of black +texture on texture +soft features on hard black +fur +oversized

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I never got around to posting my inspiration boards. They are both on my website which is still under construction but here they are for you all to see; my inspiration for Fall 2009 & Spring 2010. Dying for Spring to be here already!

 Spring 2010 inspiration board

+pastels with neutral tons +wood/beaded vintage jewelry or from ethnic markets +light neutrals like heather grey, pastels +thigh-highs +skull caps +head scarfs +sky-high leather wrapped platform wedges a la' Givenchy +opaque sock tights +Lolita from Stella McCartney + pastels with draping +opaque thigh-highs in neutral tones +lots of volume +minimal print in sheer notes +more white than black

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What are your thoughts for Spring 2010? What can you NOT wait to wear?