i'm allergic to alpaca

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got this amazing Alpaca poncho handed down to me this Christmas, from my step-mom's late mother. I never met her but she must of been an amazing woman because this poncho is "FAR-OUT". I swear I've seen a picture of her wearing this but my step-mom doesn't think so. Hmmm, will definitely have to hunt down. I wanted to make the poncho more modern so I paired it with an edgier shoe and a dressier, polished pant. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to Alpaca  because I couldn't stop sneezing all day so it came off come mid-day. Or...it could be the fact that it's been sitting in a closet for quite a while. I hope I have a daughter who will appreciate style before I did at my age. I want to be able to pass this down to her.

Thanks Heather<3.

Sorry for the short post. I'm exhausted and tomorrow is the BF & I's 4 year anniversary so I'm getting rest for our big day tomorrow.


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AND...this is when a car "came out of nowhere" and me running away. See the eyes, ya I was scared.

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