Ike Attack

 Ikes sunday 001
Ikes sunday 003
Ikes sunday 005

Ikes sunday 007

The boyfriend and I headed into the city to unveil Ike's to our flavor palettes. I got the "Not Tonight, I Have a Headache Halal Chicken Breast, Bacon, BBQ, Smoked Gouda" and my boyfriend got "M.I.L.F. Halal Chicken Breast, Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers, Franks Red Hot Sauce, Ranch" except he traded the jalapeno poppers for the mozzarella sticks. There wasn't a long line, thankfully, and Bart was speedy...however, while the food and flavor combinations were delightful, we were both sick by the time we got home. Go figure.

 Ikes sunday 012
Ikes sunday 011
Ikes sunday 013
Ikes sunday 015

leather jacket; Express | fur scarf; H&M | passed down over the shoulder suede bag; Coach | tops; H &M | tights; Beauty & Attitude | socks & boots; Target

Walking home, the BF & I were obsessed with this pothole-ish steam, for whatever reason. We both thought out loud, simultaneously, "outfit location". LOL. The following photos are pure us.

 Ikes sunday 021
Ikes sunday 046
Ikes sunday 052
Ikes sunday 048
Ikes sunday 053

Now, for the pictures from the bloggers dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't break out my camera so all these photos come from the other ladies' blogs including Liz, Jennie, & Aimee<3. It was a wonderful dinner with the ladies (Aimee, Erin, Jennie, & Liz and gentlemen. It was great to see everyone mingling together.

 Bloggers dinner 2 

the tofu, plating eloquently.

Bloggers dinner 

i love this picture of Liz & Nick. It was just too cute. Liz looks completely interested and Nick finds whatever I'm saying hilarious.

Bloggers dinner 5 

proof that I was there! I always end up leaving so early that I miss the "picture portion" of the evening. :)

Bloggers dinner 3

the lovely stylish people at the party<3.


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