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p.s. remind me to never again try to belt my over-sized sweater to create a peplum...i somewhat resemble a stuffed pigeon.

It's a new year, 2010. Yes, everyone in the blogosphere is talking about it but it is SO EXCITING! Not only is it a new year but it's a new decade! For my group of friends and I, we'll be in our 30's at the end of this decade. So crazy and strange and a little nerve-wrecking nonetheless, I'm excited.

Had lunch with one of my best friends at this skewer place. The food was delicious, the weather was amazing and the company was even better. We barely get to catch up because of our conflicting schedules and the fact that I don't live close by anymore, but it's always good to get grounded by the ones that know you best.

I wore a faux fur coat my grandpa had given me. Whenever we goes gambling, he always comes back with bunches of coats and luckily, I'm around to swipe them :) 

Quick little question blog readers: Do you like reading more about my personal life? Sometimes I feel I share too much, in comparison to the surrounding blogs. Let me know if you'd rather me stick to just the fashion & style versus laying out my entire life on type. Comment below please, to let me know!

Later today (hopefully), I'll be posting the photos from Jennie's dinner party. Stay tuned<3.

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