best of 2009


Last year on my old blog, I did a Best of 2008 post and I've really enjoyed going back and reading what I liked and what I was into to.

Please enjoy my BEST OF 2009!

Memories of 2009:

  • focused on my new blog
  • created my millionth website, first professional one this year
  • 1st trip to Disneyland with the babe for Valentines Day and went on rides that used to scare me to death
  • threw a mini-surprise party for the BF and it was quite disastrous
  • started my wardrobe consulting practice
  • met amazing local bloggers and finally found people who were interested in the same things I am
  • took the big step with the BF and moved in together
  • got an apartment all on my own
  • worked for a french boutique
  • survived off unemployment for 5 months
  • discovered my TRUE sense of style
  • fell in love with thrifting and vintage clothing
  • built a stronger relationship with the BF
  • made an amazing friends out of a client who happens to my ex's girlfriend
  • tried going back to school; didn't work
  • took up a stronger focus in journalism
  • chopped my hair again to be drastic; hate it, didn't work
  • found a dis-appreciation for Betsey Johnson and sold all but one of the pieces from her. Still have a brand new bag on consignment at Crossroads on Fillmore in San Francisco if your interested
  • found a new appreciation for indie and upcoming designers but found a deeper appreciation for the wise and experienced
  • attended my cousin's wedding; simplistic, beautiful and all about the family
  • stopped drinking; have one every now and then but for a totally separate reason
  • moved out of my parents home...again, moved into my friend's apartment, and then FINALLY moved into my own place, all in a year
  • got closer to Jayla, Tara's daughter
  • passed out at Chipotle in Chino Hills, after not eating for 48 hours, driving down from the bay, and I was alone...oh and they called the ambulance.
  • had my first chill birthday, in PJ's and ate smores
  • enjoyed my birthday weekend with the BF in Santa Cruz, quite romantic
  • styled two fashion shows and created the lookbook for Chu-La Couture's Fall 2009 collection
  • discovered cheeseboard; enough said
  • stopped making YouTube videos, but definitely going to try this year
  • bought a huge Ikea bookcase and assembled all by myself
  • started a Chictopia page; became obsessed
  • was a bridesmaid in my ex-roommate's wedding
  • my own sister got engaged!
  • my other sister moved all the way to North Carolina...or Louisiana or somewhere on that side
  • started and ended Nobodyknowsyou 

best friends: Heather Marie, Maggie Riess, Alexia Faye

love: TMD

favorite songs: gibberish-ryan leslie, bad romance-lady gaga, poker face-lady gaga (anything lady gaga), best I ever had-drake, break up-mario, chillin-wale, ego-beyonce, empire state of mind-jay-z ft. alicia keys, good girls go bad-cobra starship ft. leighton meester, make her say-kid cudi, meet me halfway-black eyed peas, number one-r.kelly ft. keri hilson, knock you down-keri hilson, replay-iyaz, pretty wings-maxwell, sweet dreams-beyonce, whatcha say-jason derulo...oh and this number

favorite movies: september issue

favorite stores: don't have a favorite

favorite electronics: NONE. they all fail me

favorite TV shows: RZ, Rachael Ray, Glee, SYTYCD, GG

favorite mags: POP, InStyle, Lucky, Elle, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Ikea Catalogs

favorite YouTube Videos:

this kid circuited the internet waves but he has my HEART. for real.

from the hometown

passion always has my heart<3.

my brother's backflip at his graduation

first, the song, one of my ultimate favs, and then the amazing dancers. wish i was dancing

been watching community channel for two years now and i'm obsessed

one of my favorite lyrical combinations

obsessions in fashion (previous looks of mine this year):

Oversized 2009
Sequins 2009

what's your best of 2009?

P.S. And the best part...YOU READERS! Thank you guys a billion and one. Seriously, you guys are the ones that keep me blogging. I love hearing your feedback and can't wait til 2010 to start to hear from you all more! Thank you again and again and again for the Chictopian comments, blog comments, youtube comments, chic votes, followers on bloglovin and ALL! Much appreciated!