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Headed to the Warriors game on Monday with the BF; hadn't been wearing this outfit to work but changed, obviously, to accommodate myself to this event. Obsession with this new sweater I got from work. It's a cropped rectangle cashmere sweater and seriously, the business. It seems so accessible even into Spring. The game was amazing; played the Celtics and we WON! The house was packed and of course, we sat close thanks to his family. We'll be going again, hopefully, for our anniversary which is coming up; so excited! 

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Anyway, if you guys follow me on Twitter, you saw that I posted about freaking out about a girl. She walked into the boutique and I literally flipped shit the moment I laid eyes on her. This girl has style, finesse and sass. To top it all off, she's from the BAY AREA!  We got to talking and she's just the girl I needed to meet. All she had to say was Union and I was sold. I know what I need to do to finally go after what I love, thanks Quela. <---click to check out her portfolio. It's extensive and amazing!

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I mean, can we please talk about this jacket? I mean, just dying inside. The exposed zipper, the rugged suede, the lace-up corseted back...I mean, just in awe. I forgot to ask her to take it off because she had an adorable sequined tunic. Seriously, this girl had it. IT. I mean, in Berkeley, or anywhere in the East Bay, you won't find ladies like her. Her style was distinctive, unique and very much her own. Can't wait for our meeting in January!

(was going to post tomorrow, but I couldn't wait any longer. I was wearing my grandmother's vintage fur coat, and she was so cute. She asked if she could touch it. I think we were both just as giddy to spot one another.)

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