Aut'10 Goals/Resolutions

aut'10=2010 btw. :)

Welcome to my 2010 Goals/Resolutions. I really enjoy making resolutions, even if I don't stick to them. It's fine to figure out what I want to improve or catch up on. What are your resolutions?

  1. to have a closer relationship to God
  2. to learn patience
  3. to stop picking at my face/shoulders/back (this is a MAJOR habit, MUST STOP!!)
  4. pay off all my parking tickets and DMV fees UGH
  5. buy only investments pieces. that goes for clothing to home goods to electronics
  6. blog more timely/reserve time to do so
  7. get my website up and running again
  8. be more knowledgeable in fashion history
  9. launch my online shop on ebay
  10. launch my wardrobe consulting practice publicly
  11. write for at least three new publications
  12. intern somewhere
  13. drive again
  14. get a couch & a dining set (a must for 2010!!)
  15. take writing classes
  16. buy a more professional camera like the Canon i90
  17. build my styling resume up stronger
  18. apply for an editorial styling position
  19. go to NYFW
  20. find a better hairstyle

Check out my video of my new years resolutions 2009. LOL. OH man.

 Grandmas fur 002
Grandmas fur 008
Grandmas fur 001 ]
Grandmas fur 003
Grandmas fur 009 

over Christmas, I was given my ggmomma's vintage furs and it was the best Christmas "present" ever. My dad thinks it's custom-made because of the embroidered lining and no tag. I was given some more amazing pieces but you guys will see those in the new year. Bought the Rodarte x Target lace cardigan a while back and I love it. It's perfect and it doesn't feel like it came from Target. The length is fantastic and it's subtly sexy.

what I wore a few days before the new year<3.

Happy New Years!! 2010 is here, make a fresh start<3.