Wang Wednesday-no actually wacky wednesday


I know I've promised you all that I'd be posting here on Wednesday about upcoming designers and such...but in all actuality, I'm fairly bored doing research especially since it doesn't excite me very much to have to work to conduct this blog. So since I'm obviously slacking, check it: WACKY WEDNESDAY


waitt for it. there's an amazing one of me being scared to death to fall.


clearly impressed with myself.


"look, look, i'm balancing." as i'm holding on for a dear life to a tree trunk.


yes, here it is. lol.


straight posted.


if your a bird, i'm a bird. lol.


hella dust all around me. "take out your guns cowboyyy."


straight as a freaking pencil. but then, not really.


please, please, check those bangs.


yes, i do get high.


she treating me to a wonderful lemon cookie sorbet thing. o.m.g.


gettin' it on the empty fountain.


"hey, hey, i bet we'd get great shots inside the fountain." which did NOT work. I body slammed my stomach into the side of the fountain.


at the meteor shower. truly not giving a shit about how we're dressed.


definitely the definition of us. to a tee.


don't we look like feet with socks? LOL. that's our heads.

Alexia and I took these photos when we went to the Nightlife Event at Academy of Sciences, post seen here. We went to the middle of Golden Gate Park and started messing around. It started off with the realization that our photos for my blog and her Chictopia page would be amazing out here in the scenery. The next thing you know, we're goofing off, taking jumping photos and evidently trying to balance on a bench while holding onto a tree.

The last few are when we attempted to watch the meteor shower that happened last month in the middle of a baseball diamond, hence the blankets surrounding us. Obviously, we didn't see too many so we took that time to take amusing photos, all bundled up in our meteor shower gear. Just in case. :)


p.s. like i said, would said there were rules?