The holidays are right around the corner which calls for holiday work functions, Christmas cocktails, plays, holiday family time and so much more. Partnering up with Riki, I've created looks to create not only diversity between events but diversity in your closet. 

Listed below are just a few looks that may work for something you'll be attending in the coming weeks. Enjoy.

Christmas with family-

It happens to all of us at some point; Christmas at the in-laws, with our own family, with family friends, what have you. For some of us, it's a make or break point on giving the right impression for others, it's showing your family your not some homebody and you do know how to dress. No matter the reason, there always seems to be a pressure.

I remember one year I had purchased a Betsey Johnson cropped batwing sweater in bright mustard yellow with a whole bunch of guns on it. Yes, that's right, guns. Not only was the sweater entirely unflattering but I looked ridiculous in my sweater. Why did I wear guns on Christmas day and why, oh why, would I wear such a shape knowing I got too much breasts for that sweater.

Here are some options for that good ol' family gathering:

Option #1: Formal Family Gathering

  • Silk Origami Sheath;Gerard Darel
  • Sweater Knit Tights;ILUX
  • Wool Sweater Coat; Giulia Isolotto
  • Suede Pumps; Me Too
  • Also shown; Zazu & Violet's Hats Headband
Looks for riki 008
Looks for riki 010
Looks for riki 011 up close details
Looks for riki 014

This outfit works because it's keeping the formal wear in while showing your not such a priss-pants with the played-down sweater coat. If you choose, you could wear a ladylike wool coat thigh length. The pumps keep it simple and understated sexy. The dress shows class and sophistication while remaining your stylish self.

Option #2: Casual Family Gathering (also works for children's christmas plays at school)

  • Sheer apple l/s top;Color Me Red
  • Black linen jumper; Cotelac'
  • Black knit tights; ILUX
  • Leather fold-over boots; Report
  • Satin & Leather Bag; Monserat De Lucca
Looks for riki 005
Looks for riki 007

This outfit works because it definitely is roomy enough to fill up on all those amazing holiday treats but it also blends together seamlessly. The monochromatic look with the pop of color makes a simple outfit for the holidays. It's transitional within your wardrobe for not only your holiday events but throughout your current closet. 

Option #3-Meeting the in-laws

  • Rustic brown leather jacket; Soia& Kyo
  • Ruffled white button-down; Gerard Derel
  • Gray front-pleated pant; IKKS
  • Gray oxfords; Jeffrey Campbell
  • Bamboo socks; ILUX
Looks for riki 002
Looks for riki 003
Looks for riki 003 shoes

This outfit works because it's simple and casual. Feel free to add a more exciting top underneath the leather jacket but it's a fun way to play up the androgynous style. There is no need to be overly sexy or over-done. Let your personality show through, and keep your pieces interesting. All these pieces could spark a conversation. You never know.

All pieces can be found at Riki!

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Part 2 coming tomorrow<3.