Fur vest dec 09 003
Fur vest dec 09 001
Fur vest dec 09 006
Fur vest dec 09 003 close up

Totally inspired this morning when I woke up. My outfit yesterday was not working for me when I woke up today so I decided to actually try and make some effort. I love combining textures together so fur, lace, wood & soft leather were calling my name when I opened my closet doors. Yet, nothing is ever pre-mediated. It's all at the top of my head from either a random dream to night before or from staring at my closet for 15 minutes with a cup of coffee in my hand.

Starting with something new; each day is going to consist of a theme. I needed to spice this blog up a bit. I've mainly focused on my family and "creative" photos lately so I wanted to get back into fashion & style since, considerably so, that is what I'm here for.

Monday Models-A run-down of my favorite 'it' model of the week

Trendy Editorial Tuesday-I'm not down with posting editorials, never have been. But I've learned to embrace them for inspiration.

Wang Wednesday-This was based off Alexander Wang since he's one of my favorite designers but this will be about upcoming/new designers and what I'm diggin most about them.

Thursday Tubin'-I'm hoping to dedicate myself to actually creating/posting video but that might change considering the equipment I have to work with. CHANGED IT: Tips Thursday-I've been personal styling for a little less than three years now, professionally for two years. Someone suggested that I post my tips for getting dressed and styling yourself so this is where it'll be at. :)

Frenetic Fashion Friday-Frenetic is one of my favorite words. Most likely because I'm all over the place, all of the time. I'm looking to post all the crazy fashion that I'm digging...I'm pretty sure this will be among the faves.

Style Saturday-Posting looks all the time is pretty exhausting. Simple reasons why:

  • It's not only about your outfit...usually it has nothing to do with the outfit. It's about LIGHTING, SCENERY, PIXELAGE (sp?), POSES, and so much more. Style bloggers, you know what I'm talking about.
  • I don't have a tripod nor do I like using my self-timer so having to wake up the BF before I go to work is a hassle because I feel so bad waking him up to take him outside to take my photo. But he takes the best pictures in comparison to a self-timer.
  •  There's a pretty huge thought process when choosing an outfit. Self-explanatory.

Therefore, I'll only be posting my looks on Saturday.....or maybe Sunday. It could be Sunday considering I'm off Sundays so I don't have to wake the babe up early just to take my photo. ;)


So how do those sound to you all? Hope this works, definitely not sure yet if I'm going to keep these titles. Included in each day will still include my random ramblings. These aren't rules, ya know?

Quick question: how do ya'll feel about my postings of my family and other things non-fashion? Is it boring or do you prefer to see it as well as my style stuff? Your feedback is definitely MUCH APPRECIATED<3.

here's to you, on this weekend.

i got this love-george watsky ft. passion (cutest song/video)

the BF & I discovered Passion long before we got together and it's continued into our relationship. CORRECTION: The BF just stated that he only likes Passion for our one song that started it all lol. So excuse me, Passion is someone I'm still currently loving ;).