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Looks for riki 018

cropped leather moto jacket; Express | baggy racerback; LF Stores | poly strawberry blouse (worn as vest); Forever 21 | red tights, thigh-high socks; Target  | lace up shoes; Dolce Vita | cropped long sleeve (worn underneath b/c it was FREEZING & DIY'ed to become cropped); Target | cross necklace, tassel necklace; Forever 21 | black stone vintage necklace; gift from my mama

Brrr, it was freezing this morning, this afternoon and into the night! My goodness; thank god that we have a heater and it's free. whew. I'm not quite sure why I keep listing the pieces in my photos because

  1.  it's not like I'm getting paid to wear them which therefore requires you to list them.
  2. I haven't gone shopping in such a long time that NOTHING is new. NOTHING. Which means these pieces aren't even in stores anymore.

So I think it's time to quit listing what I wear until I'm back into my shopping aura.

My outfit was purely based on the fact that I have nothing new which means my creativity has been feeling a little short-changed. Alas, I've discovered that it's helped out my creativity even more due to the fact that I am so limited. My ever-popular wearing thigh-high socks as a replacement for my raggedy-ann thigh-high boots seen here, has been a constant wear but I thought pairing it with the bright red tights would make them pop even more. I've had that Forever 21 blouse since 2006 I believe when I worked there. Got it on sale + discount; talk about a good buy. Then, when I started working for LF in 2008, they carried a blouse in the SAME EXACT FABRIC...ohh the industry. BTW, LF sold their top for $120...Forever 21's $15.80.

Our tree 09 003
Our tree 09 017
Our tree 09 014
Our tree 09 015
Our tree 09 012
Our tree 09 008
Our tree 09 006
Our tree 09 005
Our tree 09 004

please welcome the BF and I's first Christmas tree. It's a fakey but our place is way too small for a real/big one unfortunately. I'm big on the Christmas thing, like real big. So hopefully next year we'll get a bigger place with a better tree. This one will have to do for now (thanks heather!). We decorated it together with some ornaments I took from home. They are ones I've had since I was little including one from my 1st Christmas :). We decorated with ribbon and I even made a ribbon star for the top. Pretty creative, I know. We need to get the BF some ornaments so next year he'll have some to add.

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and i'll leave you with the beauty of being domesticated (really starting to hate this word). I made the BF and I stuffed chicken breast with basil and cheddar cheese with angel hair pasta & a tomato basil sauce with chipotle peppers. :)

p.s. really, really exciting things coming soon to Profresh Style. I've been so busy but I'm really trying to get everything arranged so stay tuned<3.