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obsessed with this "oops" photo. I was setting up the timer and it took while I was right here..obsessed with all the textures in the picture.

DIY'ed shredded crop tee | wrap leopard tulip skirt;Urban Outfitters | black tights; Target | lace up wedges;Dolce Vita | cropped leather moto jacket; Express | gold hoops; Target | bracelets; random

I'm on a serious shred fetish. I can't stop shredding. Alexia and I went to Urban Outfitters because of their huge sale, and I bought this top and shredded it in two hours! It's made of viscose which can shred quite easily because of how fine the fabric is. It's hard to tell but there is doilied edges on the top and back and so I left those there; it came out AMAZING! I am currently shredding two more tops in hopes to get all my shredding out.... |side glance| Although, it really is quite a stress reliever. Good thing because lately, things have been quite stressful, with all the moving, rearranging, money dwindling  away, no boots buying and more, I've become gray-haired....wrong, wrong, wrong.

Can we talk about how amazing the sky was behind me? Too bad there's a really gross truck in them but hey, that's what changing the levels is all about (photoshop). Today was also really, really cold...and speaking of today, I saw a "popular" blogger on the street today and felt like such a rere because I kept staring and luckily she didn't see me...otherwise it would of been quite awkward. But has that ever happened to you? Have you seen a popular blogger and didn't know if you should go up and say something? I was stuck in that dilemma today. Good thing I had a customer right then to save me from

Check out accessories; obsession with skulls is huge.

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Cropped shred 003

Went to Cheeseboard after work; yum, yum, yum, delicious. And because I'm quite a "regular", lol, they gave me FOUR slices for only $2.50 and usually you get about a slice 1/2 for $2.50. Yummmmm.

It was feta, garlic oil, cilantro, heirloom tomatoes, red onions. :)

Cropped shred 014

please don't mind those tomato pieces on my tongue but this picture captures the essence of hot RERE i am. :)