Shorts 005

oh, hello ugly truck who is always in my photos... grrrr, your rude.

Today was such a killer day; there weren't any clouds, all blue skies and a fall breeze. Although shorts aren't always a fall necessity, I felt quite righteous in them today. Had to transition into flats for my outfit because I wear 4"-6" heels on a daily basis and it's wearing my feet down. These little Dolce Vita flats have been THROUGH you can see. Can you also notice the way these shorts give me quite a diaper effect? So rude, you shorts. Work has been fairly slow so I've kept busy with more shredding and more styling; need a laptop at work to keep even more busy with my blog, website and more. Anyone ready to donate to my "I'm broke, need a netbook, are you rich?" fund? :)

Shorts 004
Shorts 002
Shorts 003

high-waisted satin shorts; Forever 21 | baggy knitted sweater;H&M | black tights; Express | velvet bow flats;Dolce Vita | lace unitard;American Apparel | tissue-thin long sleeve DIY'ed crop top | bracelets & bangles; random places | floral necklace worn as belt; Forever 21 | floral earrings;Forever 21 | nail polish; OPI's Linkin Park After Midnight

And I apologize guys about not showing you how I did my shredded tops. I had a few comments on my Chictopia about how I did it and how look it took. SORRY :)

Would you guys prefer a picture-to-picture how-to or just my words on how I did it? Which is easier to understand? Comment below! Reason I'm asking is because I definitely did not document how I did it. One thing I want to definitely point out is I obviously didn't just come out of my butt about this idea. I got it from the designer, Raquel Allegra, so make sure you know she gets the credit!!

Also, I'm moving on November 1st and I couldn't be more excited. I was supposed to have a dinner potluck for all the bay area bloggers interested in coming but unfortunately I'm going to have to postpone that. I need to organize my life before I throw some sort of fiesta. But don't worry ladies, it's still going to happen. I promise. Most likely it will happen the following Sunday so FYI. :)