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vintage liz claiborne silk dress | thrifted blazer;Buffalo Exchange | nude fishnet tights;Beauty & Attitude | Guess? pumps | vintage Ralph Lauren belt;Thrift Town | chained gold necklace;Betsey Johnson

Finally, I'm posting about The Sartorialist; which was a bust sadly to say. Liz, from Late Afternoon and I decided that we were going to meet him despite the fact we were both sick that day. Prior plans were jilted and we had to wait in line for literally, an hour and a half to move no where. After it was settled that we wouldn't be receiving any books, Liz and I decided Thai food sounded much more appetizing than waiting in line to have Mister Scott sign my planner ( I didn't have the book.... |side glance| ). The Thai was amazing, cheap and filling; definitely another successful night talking to Liz about life and blogging.

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this is where we last stood in line before we decided to grab a bite; by the way, this isn't even that close to where the doors to Paul Smith were...

In other news, my brother who is a photography aficionado, has relayed to me that my camera I currently own which is a Canon PowerShot SD750, is perfectly fine and I don't need to upgrade. He then, proceeded to show me how to use it... |side glance| and now, I'm proud to finally use my camera; I've owned it for two-ish years.

Also, Phillip from Hello Knight, graced me with photos he took at the Acrimony shop event Liz and I attended a few weeks ago. Don't mind my crazy eyebrow...

4033224646_6be3c8f28e_o shoes. Obsessed!