Outffittsss 024

I'm obsessed with this twirl photo. It reminds me of childhood; nothing is still. If you saw from my Chictopia page, I had mentioned what a Peets' barista said to me the other day.

Quote: "you totally have your halloween costume all picked out." | referring to skirt...|

so, that pretty much ruined my skirt lol, so this is a no-go although the shots Alexia took of me were pretty hot; loved the backdrop.

Outffittsss 027
Outffittsss 028

color-blocked skirt;TwelveByTwelve | leather cropped moto jacket;Express |black ruffled one-shoulder top;Target | Lace-up wedges; Dolce Vita | bow watch;Betsey Johnson

sorry for how blurry and pixel-ish they came out. I now have fixed that so stay tuned for some better outfit posts, promise.

A huge, huge thank you for folks who read my blog; it takes real bloggers to actually read the stuff I write, then just look at photos, so thank you! BTW, huge DIY and huge NEWS in the next post. Stay tuned.

Betsey johnso 008

by the way, it was the bests' 23rd birthday yesterday, October 24th, 2009. She was mainly 'out-of-mind' but such a show to watch. Happy Birthday Best.

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