My gorgeous sister, Grace, turned ten years old today. It's crazy that she's now in the double digits and she's quite an amazing girl...already goal oriented and passionate about what she wants out of life. As I remember, she wants to be a hairstylist and she is such the fashionista, ohhh and a clean freak. We both loved Clean House and watching any and all fashion shows. She's pretty much my little twin. I LOVE IT.

1 graces bday

btw, we're missing emily, the last sister :( sorry em.

Not much of an active day today besides work; so boring BUT tomorrow, is an amazing event. I'll definitely be blogging about it so stay tuned. Well, I guess I'll post my outfit today considering it was pretty dang hot. :) I DIYed my skull I found at some random Indian store on Haight. I'm OBSESSED with this thing and I want more.

Banggg 001
Banggg 002
Banggg 003
Banggg 004

vintage blazer | betsey johnson chain link necklace;Betsey Johnson | bandeau;American Apparel | high-waisted pleated shorts;Forever 21 | vintage ralph lauren belt;Thrift Town | random suede thigh-high boots | DIYed skull necklace

Although my outfit became much cuter when I got to work; bought some amazing nude fishnet tights and wore my leather and wood slingbacks. It was such a look but I didn't have time to take a photo. It was way overcast by the time I got home; so sad. But I'll be posting a grand outfit tomorrow for this huge event, right Liz? :)

-christina dee