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Headed down to Haight St on Sunday and fell in lust with these graffiti artists. They had just started when we arrived but by the time we left, they were finishing quite an amazing piece of art. I've had an obsession with graffiti artists since living in SoCal when I was a junior in high school; they were scandalous, creative, dangerous and exciting. Finally; I've captured them in action.

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I finally cut my hair. I get bangs about once a year and yesterday, was the day to do it again. I went short and it's going to get shorter. I'd say the best cut about six or seven inches although she says five but who knows. I'm thinking of going chin-length; need something more edgy because my long hair wasn't cutting it. It was boring and had nothing exciting about it; and since I don't dye my hair, cutting is my only solution.

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sweater; h&m| belt; ralph lauren vintage | peggings;riki | jewlery; randoms | bag;monserat de lucca | etched leather flats; aldo| diamond textured socks;target

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I've had a blog for quite some time now, going close to a year or so and I needed a  fresh start. I forgot why I started blogging in the first place and felt  it was time to renew; new look, new feeling, new host (typepad). Working on getting a better camera, a better laptop and oh yes, more time. We'll see how I like Typepad; cross your fingers.

My website is still in the works only because I need to change its' focus. I realize that my whole nobodyknowsyou concept wasn't really valid. Yes, I feel that what my purpose,  showcasing the up and coming "profresh creatives" as I've called them,  was legit. Yet, ultimately, it seemed as though, I wasn't finding many  people who were original, who clearly knew their own personal style. It  seemed as though I was finding many people who were carbon copies of  some other, well-known creatives. I did find some amazing bloggers,  artists, and designers and they were showcased but it wasn't taking off  like I'd hoped. So, that being said, before I started my blog/concept, I  was truly focused on building my reputation as a stylist. I still am;  and ladies and gents, that is going to be my renewed focus. I'm very  happy with my decision and can't wait to launch ProfreshStyle, Edition  II.

I will say that blogging has led me into meeting new people,  creating new friendships and learning more about the blogging and its'  surroundings. I realizing how important it is to stay true to your  style, who you are and not changing unless it's to better yourself. I'm  happy that I've stayed true to myself and my style. Although I enjoy  posting photos of my LOD's (look of the day) and other random photos, I  enjoy even more, to rant.  Like a wise woman once said, "...only 10% of real blog enthusiasts read what you have to  say."  so if you are that 10%, I'm in the right company because I enjoy  writing...if your the 90%, your most likely in the wrong place.

Staying true, staying wise, staying stylish,

christina dee