It's officially 2016, and here we are 11 days later hopefully still the same ol' wonderful selves with a bit more to do and a lot more to become. 

I love New Years - it's probably one of my favorite times of the year. It has nothing to do with resolutions - that word normally means to fix something. And best believe, homegirl is not broken. But, the new year is a time for refreshing yourself; cleaning out your closet, buying a new planner and hosting a cleanse or two. I love cracking that spine of a new planner, with fresh le pens, and planning my goals for the year. There probably isn't a better feeling than that when it comes to the new year. I can pass on the kiss at midnight (although, mine was great!), or the drunken Selena salsa dancing (which was on par for the actual J.Lo version, I might add) - what really gets me is opening a planner and getting down on my initiatives.

I've put three plans in play:

health + wellbeing, Profresh Style and Jig + Saw.

Each plan has a three-month initiative with to-do's to help me reach them and I already feel great. Let's just take the Profresh Style initiative, I mean, since we're already here. ;) 

As you guys may of noticed, Profresh Style got a refresh. I knew I was going to get back into content, I just wasn't sure how nor did I really think about at what cost with me growing Jig + Saw and venturing out on my own. It took me all of winter break and then some but I feel it was all worth it. I purchased one of Promise Tangeman's  (one of my girl crushes since 2011) pre-made templates for Squarespace and got to customizing. I think it was worth all the effort - I love how it turned out and feel so confident in this year's content. I really do. With that, I wanted to ensure my content would be epic so I've been planning out a majority of new YouTube content with a new series to be introduced this week (subscribe if you aren't already, for f*ck's sake) and working with different styles of creating really awesome imagery. With that said, I've been really inspired to go back to my roots, to the basics as they say. After seeing Bri Emery's IG post about throwing it back old school, I felt reminded of how I've been feeling for the past two years (hence the 30+ posts in that space of time only). I was tired of cultivating this bulk of content that didn't have a message or a story to share. I want to go back to the days where I blog, just to blog. So, what you won't see is a bunch of the same and what you'll be left with is consistency. With so much going on in my professional and personal life, I figured why stick to some ridged, boring content calendar of the same that's already out there. I want to share MY LIFE with you again. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I'll enjoy creating it. 

Take a peek about - I did my best to clean up the blog and make browsing a lot more interesting. I segmented the content so you can look at what matters most to you.  After taking a poll on Twitter, I realized that you all want different things so I'm hoping that my personal style, my videos, a peek at my life and my honest reads will still spark interest for the years to come. 

2016 is another year for me to conquer dope things for my world and meanwhile, hoping to encourage others to conquer dope things for themselves. I'm so done with a world without collaboration, without encouragement, without support. I'm so stoked to have a free-flowing platform to share my thoughts, share with you and hear from some incredible humans. I'll be sharing my new professional venture, the success and the failures as there will be PLENTY, and sharing some new, personal quests. You're going to want to be around for this - I want you to be here for this. It's an emotional turn for me; you'll see it through videos, through my vulnerability.

Something I want most is to hear more from you - I don't care if it comes by way of comments, emails, DMs or texts (for those that go it like that ;)), I just want to hear about you. What you probably don't know is how invested I am in you, I want to know what's going on in your world; hearing from you makes my whole world on some of the worst days. I want to know a few things from you if you don't mind me asking: 



What's making you the most nervous for the year?

Who will you be in this year? 

Who will you surround yourself with? 

How can I hold you accountable? 

Let's create the dopest new year - and let's do it together.

All together now.

Love always, always, always,


photo by: chelsea cooper