I'll admit I'm the worst to get out of bed. I'll lay there for as long as I possibly can, just to stay comfortable down in the sheets. I don't even go back to bed - I'll lay there watching stupid Vines or thinking of a quirky new Snapchat photo, it's not even about the sleep. But once I'm up, girl, it's like on like Bey on a mirrored platform at the Barclays Center..

I hop in the kitchen to brew a cup of crack, put on some ratch Spotify playlist, lay out my makeup and start gettin' in WERK. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a "full-face-of-makeup" type girl, nor do I care much to grab a curling wand. But, it's more about the process of what the final product will deliver, depending on destination. This time, it was brunch. So no time for some basic bi*ch nonsense, know what I mean?

photos by Alex, Honestly Simple

Speaking of which, I know I poke fun at "getting ready with me" videos but would you be interested in learning my everyday makeup look? Because boo, I got that shit down pat.