image via  Karla's Closet

image via Karla's Closet

The body is an interesting matter - we come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, colors and features. It's a beautiful thing. But, something that seems to strike a chord with everyone is what is seen as a positive body image and what is seen as lack of self-respect; what's acceptable versus what's denied. 

With all the latest articles on body acceptance, it's been "realized" that bigger women are embracing their bodies, loving how they look and accepting what they can not change, if anything. However, when it comes to a woman who is thinner, there is scrutiny against her. And as someone who is surely in-between, you can't help but to be unsure of how to feel.

It's baffling to me why body acceptance and praise is not 360º. Why is it that one woman can celebrate her body while another should sit in solitude, be quiet about this body she lives in. Of course, this isn't always the case but you can probably read enough forums, comment sections and articles based on body acceptance for one and body denial of another.

I was so honored to film Kar for a new series, Style Diaries, here on Profresh Style. I knew she had a story to tell and I couldn't wait to share with you all. However, we had no idea that the story she'd actually tell would end up being a very real, true case of body shaming. 

The above are comments currently on Karla's blog post, regarding a vacation she went on while wearing a swimsuit. A. Swimsuit. Let me know if you've heard that right. Cool? Cool. Albeit, there were positive comments on the blog post, the amount of general racism and disgusting verbiage used to someone commenters do not know is, in fact, bullying. As a friend, your natural instinct is to want to go ham on the words spewed but instead, I figured what better way to address it than to put it out in the open to, hopefully, be discussed like adults.

So, as Karla sat on her bed, a story unfolded; unknowingly predicting a future that caused for a fresh series to turn into something more powerful than I originally imagined. 

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This storyline was not the intention but I'm glad it came to fruition. The attention to the 360º is going to be a personal mission of mine to encourage more embracement of all, lessen the "high-horse" mentality of knowing what's best for someone's internal and external perspectives of themselves and personally owning my own. As women, our job should be to encourage and strengthen our beings versus hate on confidence and self-acceptance. 

Karla's Style Diary is for you to listen to a story you could relate to, share, appreciate or oppose, just like the rest will continue to be. The hope is that you take something from this, be it an added perspective or a changed ideal.  

The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.
— --Michael Margolis

Style Diaries was created to showcase a true passion of mine and that is, storytelling. I love hearing people share their journeys, with the struggle, the survival, the success of it all. I knew I wanted to incorporate these stories in a way that I would want someone to share with me. Be it heartfelt or about their latest garb, the stories I seek tend to always be what I did not expect.