Los Angeles affords you no opportunity to dress properly. I'm not a tank top and shorts kind of girl. In fact, I hate that look in general (#enviousmaybe) and I've always been quite the layer queen. I mean, have you not seen how I USED to dress. So, I'm like, basically in heaven when in London. Beyond the simple fact of it being LITERAL freezing, layers are welcomed here. So, layer I did. 

On to another disjointed topic; I love Autumnal colors, specifically burgundy. I'm all over anything that has a hue of dark red, including my hair which I'm trying to color soon. And, you can't really rock heavy sweaters in LA. I mean, have you been to LA? 

So, really all this is to say. I really love London. I really love Autumn. I am a 5-year-old, writing a class assignment. 

You're welcome.  


Zara striped bodycon midi
Jeffrey Campbell Boone boots
Topshop sweater 
Topshop denim jacket, mens
Straight To Hell leather jacket
Foley + Corinna side satchel
Goorin Hat