London. What can I even say about this incredible place? Not only did I fall in love but I started to be consumed by everyone's demeanor (aside from the customer service..) and wanted desperately to be a part of their daily lives, for a lot longer than a week. It was beautiful. Having gone as a work trip, I definitely need to come back for leisure. There was so much I wanted to see and do so a Europe trip needs to be in the books for 2015. I mean, who agrees? 

Some of my favorite spots were: 

Topshop Oxford Circus: I mean, literally whatever your little heart desires is in this Topshop: a sandwich, a coffee, eyebrow threading, makeup applications, weave extensions, WAH NAILS, over 50+ random shops with different brands (all of which I obsessed over; particularly Just Female + Twist and Turn). Oh and also a piercing and tattoo shop. So, I obviously got a tattoo

The Churchill Arms, Kensington - Thai food. I mean, what more is there to say. Simple, delicious, fresh Thai food. Oh, it's also in some sort of pub/greenhouse. 

The Windsor Castle, Kensington - I was dying for some bangers and mash. Literally, everywhere we went, I was scouring the menu. We heard of this place and took a drive. They were so, so worth it. I love a good wine gravy.

Caravan, Granary Square - This was a trek to get to but it was so worth it. The actual space is gorgeous - like a mass bakery. It's so worth the journey for the baked eggs and avocado toast. Truly. Really, just the avocado toast. It was better than ANY I've ever had.

Tayyabs, Whitechapel - First time having Punjabi food and it DID NOT disappoint. Literally, everything was so delicious. It's BYOB so come prepared, take a seat and wear elastic pants. I'm salivating, currently. 

Bills, Soho - Okay. My all-time favorite spot. I went here twice, it was worth it. The food is delicious but the decor is even better. Rustic tables, millions of candles, chandeliers, dim lighting - it was the best. Such a cozy place, romantic or otherwise. All of the desserts are delicious... I may or may not of had every, single one. 

So, clearly, I had a food journey rather than a shopping journey. But, alas, it's me. That's what I do, I eat. There were incredible shops in Shoreditch that I highly recommend. Also, pop into the Ace Hotel there. It's incredible, like, legit beautiful. I also went to an amazing coffee shop near Barry St so go on a journey and find it. Obviously. 

But, I think what's most important here is... the MEN. I mean, whoa. I've never loved a beard and a man bun more. The men, especially in the East End were, just, ridiculous. Each one was so well-dressed, even if it were a casual look. So, basically on a venture to find a mate there. I mean, clearly right?


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