My brain is refusing to shut off, shut up and/or shut down. No sleep city over here. And thanks to my crazy brain, I've created some foreshadowing above. 

Since moving to Los Angeles, my brain has been non-stop chaos; both minor and major. Whether it be debating on what kind of ombre I'd like to change my hair to or the fact that shit could really be worse at work when it's not all that bad. Or the simple thought of, which is better, NYC or LA? Then, there's the always wonderful emotion debacle going on in my brain about how to feel about a person, what signal that means and/or deciding whether to get over it or not. The biggest hurdle that was in my brain was figuring out a place to live. I've finally landed on a place (THANK YOU BAGEUZZEUS) and I'm going to be so much happier there; more room, no toxic paint, with my NYC roommate, beautiful Italian architecture and a kitchen. Ah, yes, I can finally cook. But it leaves me open to so many home decor decisions, pinterest boards to create and color schemes to decide upon. 

Alas, life could always be worse. And hey, I'm not complaining. These are all great decisions/debacles to dwell on. But I'd really love a good rest now.  

On to another beautiful Monday and week.
Oh and here's a new vlog. Enjoy! (I promise I'll get that at this vlogging shit) (And also, I decided vlogs are better left to the YouTube space then the blog. So susscribe.)