Before I left New York, I knew I wanted to do a few more fun videos with friends. So, I got together with a great group of NYC kids to do what I do best: get drunk. And stuff. 

Thanks to Serena + Davie & Erica  for helping me make one of my favorite pizzas ever: The Naan Pizza. 


- Fucking delicious garlic Naan (from your local Indian store or restaurant)
- A bunch of baby yellow potatoes aka carbs that stick to my insides, thinly sliced
- One shallot, cuz we're fancy
- A whole head of garlic - that's what she said
- Gruyere, mozzarella and a peppered cheese (I used parmesan I think, I was drunk, I don't remember)
- Arugula, cuz again, we're fucking fancy
- Two sliced roma tomatoes 
- Cliantro, cuz we're spicy
- A shit ton of olive oil because homegirl likes a good crisp


Cut, slice, dice, shread, layer on a Naan and BAKE THAT SHIT. 425 degrees until crisp on top. YEAH BOY. 

Other ingredients to include, optional: one handle of vodka, sparkling water and oj. Cuz. I mean. DRUNK COOKING IS AMAZING.  

Note: this isn't a cooking video.