This is completely out of the norm. 
This is nothing of which I'm comfortable speaking about.
And frankly, I never want to have to speak abo
ut this again.  

My friend, Hannah, who wrote me letters of support when I picked up and moved to Los Angeles [the first time], who drove me to be passionate about my work everyday [at our lame retail job], who inspired me as she pursued her creative freedom in NYC, is going through something I can't even grasp. 

Her 26-year-old older sister, Lace, has cancer. Primary CNS T-cell Lymphoma. Lace is my age.

don't know what to do to help or to provide support as Hannah did all these years. But what I can do is share Lace's story and hope you, as my amazing readers, could support.  

If you can, Hannah's family could use monetary assistance. Click here to do so. I would insanely be forever grateful.  

The family also needs prayer, good vibes and thoughts and support. If you or someone you know has or is going through this, I would email them your story.  The greatest thing about my blog is I have awesome readers who support and love each other. So, I hope you can do the same for Hannah, her sister and her family. Love and support, that's all I ask. 

I wouldn't normally do something like this. Ever. But you know when something strikes you.. makes you think about your decisions.. makes me wonder your purpose.. I started a this blog for a reason. I'm so grateful I have the ability to share something personal with you, like this, because I know you guys. For most, I know your heart. And I know this was the perfect place to ask for love and support for individuals who need it. Today. Tomorrow. And ever on.  

Thank you kids. Now, back to normal Profresh-ness.