Damian and I are at it again. We couldn't NOT do the blindfold makeup challenge. It was the main reason I wanted to do this - how fun is it to risk your face with tools coming straight at you from a temporarily blind person. Yeah, it's about as hilarious as that sounds. 

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The blogiversary is almost over and I can't believe it. It felt so great to film all these videos for you. In fact, it's been inspiring me to do more videos in general which is the most exciting part. And shoot, it's what I'm good at. I'm extending the blogiversary for just a bit longer because I have something REALLY FREAKING AWESOME coming that I can't wait to share with you all, especially you Los Angeles residents. :)


PS. I just want to thank everyone who has shared and donated since my last post. I'm so, so grateful. Love you. If you would still like to donate, click here.  #fuckcancer