You guys. I have big news. Like major news. Like, you may want to stand up, hold your laptop (or computer monitor) and have a glass of champs ready. You're probs like... girl why? Well...


Suck on that Rachael Ray.. kidding.

I'm so excited to announce that Burger Lounge and I have collaborated! They have decided to celebrate my blogiversary by helping me create my first ever purchasable burger. That's right. 

My burger at the Burger Lounge is called the Caliente Profresh. No explanation needed, amirite?
It consists of: 

Grass-fed beef patty, aged white cheddar, housemade pickled onions + jalapeños, daikon sprouts and jalapeño aioli on a freshly baked wheat bun

Yeah. Are you dying yet? I know, it's going to be amazing. 
So... here's the deets and this is very important:

Unfortunately the Caliente Profresh burger is ONLY available in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA. Wahhh, I'm sorry! 
The Caliente Profresh burger is on a secret menu. It can only be available if you ask for the secret item: Calient Profresh burger
The Caliente Profresh burger is only available at the West Hollywood location: 8539 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069
PSST. There's free parking. :) 
The burger is ONLY available until the end of December (12/31/13)! But that means when your parentals come into town for the holidays, you better get their butts to Burger Lounge! First thing. I'm not kidding. 
Take a bite and don't forget to Instagram using: #betweenprofreshbuns (BAHAHAHHA!)
THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! The first 50 of you to order get to dine like a fat ass and not only enjoy the Caliente Profresh burger but get a FREE french fry + FREE soda/iced tea. Yeah girl, we hookin' you up. 

I super super hope all you LA cool kids try it - it's legit so spicy and delicious and obviously my favorite. 

A huge special thanks to my burger-lovin' lady Gennefer: @Gennefer ( + David + Benny)
Andy Dugan for filming and editing a rad video just for you guys: @andydugan
Bon Appetit photographer Viktor Budnik for taking some of the prettiest food shots I'll ever have in my life: @viktorbudnik
And of course, Rory Odell + the awesome guys at Burger Lounge: @burger_lounge


That concludes my blogiversary! Thank you guys so much for following along and supporting this blog! Shit, I have my own burger. THAT IS PRETTY COOL. 

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