My wardrobe is like ridiculous thread vomit; the above an example of that vomit and also my everyday wardrobe. Check my #profreshselfie, you'll see. Also, I wear these baggy boyfriend jeans at least 3-4 times a week. Not. Kidding.

So my current moving situation. Ugh. I'm in a sea of boxes because of the move so actually finding suitable pieces of clothing for an outfit usually turns into a compilation of the above. Can I just tell you that this move has been lacking energy? I'm so excited to go to California yet don't have an ounce of energy to organize myself and this move. You should see what's in these boxes: shot glasses wrapped in a sports bra/panty hybrid, mixing bowls enveloped in my sweats.. oh and vases wrapped in ex-boyfriend's t-shirts. #ratchetpacking. Also, my apartment is selected and finalized- I'm so excited to start decorating my new beautiful space. I need to be inspired again. Don't you think it's time? P.S. Shop my closet because I need to rid of everything by next week!

LF tank | LF bra | Zara denim [similar] | H&M long sleeve shirt [similar] |bebe stilettos| Rebecca Minkoff bag [my replacement] | Melody Eshani custom "Profresh" necklace | Covergirl lipstick in "Neon Red" | new hairdo by Arrojo | Warby Parker Robinson sunnies

photo by my boo thang