This blog has come a long way from outfit posts and affiliate links. It's become my sanctuary and my confessional. I come here to speak my mind and tell you the tales of my life. Somehow, you're interested in what I have to say, what I'm wearing and perhaps, who I'm doing (yeah, I've seen you google it.) But I've always found it very hard to be this pose-pose type blogger as it never felt natural nor have I felt it came off as believable. I never wanted my blog to be this catalog of what I wore because that has nothing to do with me, parts but not all that I want to offer.

My blog is my vulnerability. My blog is where I write my treasures and truths. My blog is where I can come and sit and write and share my life. My blog is my escape.

I've never, ever been captured with vulnerability as the "theme". I've always wanted someone to come into my life that knew I didn't want to be mocked up or made "pretty". I wanted raw. I wanted dark. I wanted truth.

I was so honored to work with EJK this past weekend and I never thought I would let my guard down as much as I did. I trusted her guidance and let my inhibitions go. You'll soon see what I mean as this little post will turn into a series within the next few weeks so I hope you stay tuned and follow along my vulnerability path. I'll be telling you stories of secret moments, my scary and truthful moments, and my tales untold yet on PS, all with EJK's beautiful imagery as my storyteller.

If you had the opportunity to let your guard down and be vulnerable, would you?

Photos by EJK