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You know when there's a spark, a moment of clarity, a jolt that services you the way no man ever could? I'm talking about that hard-hitting, breathtaking moment where you realize the decisions you must make, the prices you'll have to pay and the moments you can finally cash in for happiness have all come together in one big 4th of July/expensive wedding firework explosion show? Yea, well, that's exactly what happened to me, three months ago.

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Kids, I'm moving to Los Angeles.

I know. You're like.. wait.. what?! Trust me, it took me forever to realize this, for me to be hit on the head with the explosives as per explained above. I'm still in shock that I've finally made the decision to pick up my things after two years of living in NYC to live in Los Angeles, a place I'm all too familiar with. You're probably saying to yourself exactly what I've been telling myself... I'm not an LA person. I don't dig the vibe nor the "culture" or anything really associated with the city of angels. But alas, away I go. And I'll tell you why.

I've definitely checked out mentally living in the city. I've been broken down and built back up just to be broken down again. I can't really pinpoint what it is that does what it does to me. And I can't explain why I even feel the way I do because I'd consider myself successful in my time living here. I've worked amazing jobs, met so many cool kids that I hope to remain friends with for a lifetime (you know who you are) and built more memories than I ever thought I could walk away with. Being broken was a mental state of being. I yearned for simple. I wanted so desperately to be away from "city life" - so much so, I moved to Queens. Clearly, that wasn't enough.

After traveling to LA so many times for work, I started to adjust and reminisce California lifestyle- kick back, relax, enjoy life, embrace moments, take time to care. At first, I wasn't convinced. I just figured my mind was playing tricks on me. Well, those tricks turned into true desperation. The moment I'd land back in NYC, my body would physically react to being back "home." It was that intense.

My happiness involves a much simpler life and without going on and on boring you, that's just exactly what I'm after. Simple. And I can't wait.

See you on the West Coast cupcakes.

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30 days and counting.

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