Who knew that after five years of blogging, it would still be this challenging, hard-to-balance, baby knapsack of the backpacks load of work? Oh, that's right, no one.

I had no idea when I started to really blog in 2008 that blogging would not only be one of the biggest stresses of my life but also the most encouraging. Okay, contradiction, ya bitch. Truly, I started to blog because, man, it was so good to talk to at least one person who understood what I was going through or saying or more importantly wearing. It's now 2013... so what the fuck am I really saying anymore?

I'm stressed kids. I hardly have time to dedicate to this beautiful little blog of mine, my migraines are getting stronger AND to top it all off, I've got nothing to show for it besides a really awesome job. I've got no man, no stable income, no raving achievements and no time to even think about managing any of those facets. I can hardly wrap my brain around a post even though I've got google docs and notebooks and iPhone notes and voice recordings, bright ideas galore + all that other shit just piling up but no energy, desire and motivation to start the sentence to that ideated post. Does anyone feel me?

Of course, I've tossed around the idea of quitting this blog. I know, tragic but it seems like such a good idea sometimes. So many bloggers have done it, even big ones. So why couldn't I?

I guess it's because I still feel like I haven't fulfilled my purpose for blogging. I know exactly what and why I want to blog. I know the audience I want to speak to and if someone said, "Christina, we want you to have your own show on whatever you want", I know exactly what I'd talk about. Trust me, this is all planned in my head. And one day, I'll get there. I more than know it, I can see it.

So why am I venting to you? Well, for the millionth time, bear with me. Very soon I shall be back on my feet. There are a lot of things happening right now that I can't quite talk about, yet (No it's not some partnership with a brand). In the meantime, keep being awesome on my other channels. I appreciate the support you give me on Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and reblogging the Tumblr. So, thanks guys. I mean it. One day, let's just all party together. Who can make that happen?

Love you assholes so much.

P.S. I promise not to run away.