DAISY_1 I have major nostalgia for Disneyland. The first time I met my step-sisters, all four kids (myself and brother included) went to Disneyland with my mom and then-boyfriend, now my step-dad. It was one of my favorite trips as a kid and we still talk about the funny memories we had there. Trust me, you'd start cry-laughing once my mom starts telling the "Indiana Jones" story. Eh, eh, right mom? I know you're reading this.

I came across this sweater at H&M and knew I had to have this. It brought back the days my ex-boyfriend and I would call each other Daisy and Donald, the fun times at Disneyland hunting to find the "estranged" couple, and how much I resemble this crazy duck lady. I also have a huge obsession with navy. I want navy-everything. So to have Daisy on a navy sweater, it was complete fate and obviousness I would buy this.

Also to note, every day my hair is a battle. Today was a good day.



double espresso



Thrifted navy blazer (version on sale at Zara) | H&M: Divided Daisy Duck sweater | Zara baggy jeans | Nine West leopard flats (Stella McCartney on sale!) | Forever 21 spike necklace (This was is rad!) | C. Wonder neon wallet | C. Wonder stud earrings | Juicy Couture stud phone case
On a side note, if you haven't gone out in LIC yet, you need to, strictly for this gem. Sweetleaf is my ultimate favorite coffee shop - the staff is great, my latte is always perfect and the environment is truly so well-decorated, I could be in there for hours. So you better go. Plus my barista is pretty cute. Just sayin'.

Photos by Lydia Hudgens

P.S. Slowly making visual changes to the blog. I want to look at close to a visual diary I write as possible. Thoughts?