New York has been such an adventure to me. I've gone through so much and I've only been here for a little less than two years. It's been so exciting to share my life with you on the blog. This is something a little special. I was so excited to be a part of Conversations of Style. It's this group of girls in New York City who get together and talk about their lives and all the things that happen to us as this millennial generation. I'm new to the group so this episode was an introduction to me and my life. It was fun to show my apartment since a lot of you haven't seen. I'm hoping to share more of it with you, more of my life with you. You know me, I'm an open book. For goodness sake, you can check out a book on pretty much anything in the Profresh Library, Christina's got an answer.

For more videos, head to the Conversations of Style page. Follow me on YouTube, duh.

P.S. 30,000 hits? Yeah, definitely not. I got nervous and made up a number because I really have no clue. (For those of you checking up on me, ya sneaky bastards)