Alright guys, let's be totally honest with ourselves. Or rather, let me be honest with you. I'm not entirely proud of this look. In fact, I look back at this now and think... I clearly wasn't thinking when I wore this out in public. I probably shouldn't post this. But I realized something a while ago- sometimes [most the time] bloggers get caught up in this perfection bubble. We only post what's "perfect" and I'm hear to tell you, rather, show you- THAT'S NOT TRUE.

When I first donned this outfit, I said to myself, "Hey you, girl, you're lookin' good. You're the layering master anyhow. In fact, keep layering. Keep adding. Why don't you wear more denim?" and then strutted myself to Lydia and posed, happily, outside this lovely park. But I'd like to point out my fails because this, ladies and gents, is a fail:

-Why would I choose to rock the Canadian tux? I suppose some people can pull it off- I, however, can not. -Seriously- did I really just tuck my dress into my muffin top to create a tunic? -And the gold chain sandals? Cute... but not for this. Seriously, just stop. -Ohhh. Neon. Shocker. Take it off. -Hey girl- each of these items are fly... have I not seen my own video, Profresh Guide To... Fashion Week. Those rules should apply for everyday life.

So, as you can see, this outfit is not great, it's not even good. But I'm really proud to put this up right now because sometimes, we fail. And I'd like to think that bloggers are just... normal people. [soak up the sarcasm]


Topshop denim vest | H&M neon blouse | Aritzia silk dress | Levi's skinny jeans | Dolce Vita sandals

Photos by the ultimate

Lydia Hudgens

Hey Kmart, is this #fashionweekproblems enough? Cuz homegirl needs some help. PS. If you're attending #NYFW, you're going to want to watch this video. I used their concierge last season and they brought me flats and a redbull. Life complete.