And holy crap, I have a special guest.

That's right, I couldn't do this alone. You could say this a great lead into my Blogger Appreciation Month. Nonetheless, I'd like to welcome you to a special Profresh Guide To. As most you know, fashion week is this Thursday. I know, I know- personally, I'm running away to Vegas. In the meantime, I thought it'd be fun to get together with a like-minded lass and talk about all our mistakes we've made in fashion, specifically fashion week. Won't you have a listen?

What's your fashion disaster? If you've attended fashion week, tell us [OR LINK us!!] what you've looked back on and thought "Damn, I should of never worn that". We'd also love to know how you'll be dressing this NYFW!

P.S. Ignore the constant wardrobe change. Literally, throughout the video, since my closet was sprawled on the bed, I was layering, de-layering, adding and taking off through the whole thing. What can I say? I'm a blogger. ;)

Special guest: Karen of Where Did U Get That | Follow her BLOG | TWITTER | YOUTUBE | HELLOSTYLE